About new virus – Cryptojacking

What is Cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking is defined as the secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency. The main focus cryptojacking used to be confined to the victim unknowingly installing a program that secretly mines crypto-currency.
The very worst part is cryptojacking doesn’t need a program to be installed and it uses JavaScript on a web page to mine for crypto-currencies.  JavaScript runs on just like every website you visit, so the JavaScript code responsible for in-browser mining doesn’t need to be installed.
How you need to avoid cryptojacking?
·        Always protect your computer with an antivirus.
·        Antivirus is not enough! Modern malware sneaks past it. You also need an anti-malware solution to catch the threats before they reach your PC.
·        On any browser, both on desktop and mobile, use an adblocker. Only disable it if you trust a website completely.
·        Always update your software, because most cryptojacking takes place due to unpatched vulnerabilities.
·        Always use strong passwords or a secure password manager so that, in the event of an attack, your personal info is not compromised.
·        Knowledge of online security basics will always be useful, so consider signing up for a free course
News lines:
More than 2,000 computers of various companies of the group were targeted by hackers for cryptojacking — a new kind of cyber-warfare where hackers misuse a target’s terminals and their processing power to mine crypto currency. 
The attack was first detected about a month ago at a group’s overseas subsidiary. Within days the malware found its way into some of the manufacturing and other services companies belonging to the business house. “It’s a kind of attack where the primary intention, he hackers is not to steal information and cause business disruption. Rather, they hijack the target’s computers and tap the power supply to the organisation to mine crypto coins.