10 Facts About Barcodes

Facts about Barcodes tell you about one of the important technologies in the world. What is a barcode actually? I believe that you must be familiar with barcode for it is located at the back of the objects.  We can define a barcode as an optical machine-readable data which can be related to the item to which the barcode is located. The data on the barcodes can be arranged in various spacing and widths. Let’s find out more interesting facts about barcodes below:

 1: The Representation Of Data

As I have stated before, the representation of data can be in different spacing and width of parallel line. That’s the original design. Now you can have the barcodes represented in hexagons, rectangles, or even dots. It can present in different geometric patterns.

 2: 1D or 2D

1D is called as the one dimensional barcode. It has linear form represented by the parallel line. The two dimensions are called 2D represented by the geometric patterns. 2D is also called as a barcode even though it uses different symbols.
Facts about Barcodes

 3: The Barcode Readers

The data of the barcode can only be read by the barcode readers.  It is a special optical scanner.

 4: the scanners today

Due to the development of technology, there are several devices equipped with interpretive software or scanners to read the barcodes. You can check it on the smartphones or even desktop printers.
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 5: Association Of American Railroads

In the end of 1960s, Association of American Railroads gave the sponsor for the usage of the early type of barcode in the industry.

 6: the earlier type of barcode

The earlier type of barcode is made by attaching colored stripes on the steel plate. Then it will be attached to the railroad rolling stock.  It was called KarTrak ACI. ACI stands for Automatic Car Identification. The development of this barcode was made by GTE or General Telephone and Electronics.
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7: The Number Of Plates

Each car contained two plates. Each of them would be located on the side of the car. The information on the colored stripes included the identification number, type of equipment and ownership. Find out another technology in automaton facts.

 8: the scanner

The trackside scanner would be used to read the plates. The scanner can be located on the entrance yard where the car moved. Finally the system was not used anymore due to the unreliable data.
Barcodes Facts

 9: the commercial usage
Today, barcodes are often seen in the commercial usage in the supermarket.
10: the first scanning
In June 1974, the first scanning UPC barcode was located in Wrigley Company Chewing gum.