1. When light bends as it enters a different medium the process is known as what? – Refraction
2. A magnifying glass is what type of lens? – Convex
3. Electric resistance is typically measured in what units? – Ohms
4. A person who studies physics is known as a? – Physicist
5. Metals expand when heated and do what when cooled? – Contract
6. What is the first name of the famous scientist who gave us Newton’s three laws of motion? – Isaac
7. What state of the art computer technology is used to train pilots when wanting to copy the experience of flying an aircraft? – A flight simulator
8. Electric power is typically measured in what units? – Watts
9. The most recognized model of how the universe begun is known as the? – Big bang
10. Who is the Hubble Space Telescope named after? – Edwin Hubble
11. The wire inside an electric bulb is known as the what? – Filament
12. Theoretical physicist James Maxwell was born in what country? Scotland
13. Infrared light has a wavelength that is too long or short to be visible for humans? – Long
14. What kind of eclipse do we have when the moon is between the sun and the earth? – A solar eclipse
15. True or false? Iron is attracted by magnets. – True
16. What is the earth’s primary source of energy? – The sun
17. Conductors have a high or low resistance? – Low
18. Electric current is typically measured in what units? – Amperes
19. What scientist is well known for his theory of relativity? – Albert Einstein
20. Earth is located in which galaxy? – The Milky Way galaxy