Steps To Stop Laziness And Make Success

Everyone tells a reason for not doing a work properly and in time, but most people does not complete their work because of laziness. Laziness is a big hurdle for success. Here we are going to see how to stop this laziness by following these simple steps.

1.Small goals

7 Steps to stop Laziness

Always keep small small goals, if you keep a large goal, then you may have some confusions wheather we can achieve it or not. Make a large goal, it is not a problem. But to achieve this largest goal, try to plan some small small goals.

2.Personal goal

Your goal should be you important for yourself only and not for others. For example, if your parents likes you to study well , your teacher likes to study well, for that reason, you cannot study well. Think about what you will get when you do that, if you study, then you will be a great in life, so focus on what will be the change in your life before doing some work.

3.Go to that Place

Whatever you are so lazy, go to the place where you have to do some work, sit in that place whether you do that work or not. For example if you want to studt at 7 o clock, then go and sit in your place where you study regularly, turn off the television, switch off the mobile phone, just sit in that place and have your book in hand. Definitely within few days you will get into that regular procedure and you will start studying for sure. You will be thinking to go for gym and do exercises regularly but you don’t do that. Instead, go to gym for a few days whether you do exercise or not. At least in one week, you will start doing exercise regularly for sure.

4.Organize your life

You should organize certain things in your life, hava a good structure for your life. Throw off the unwanted things from your life whether it is in your desk or bag what ever, throw it off. If you have nore unwanted things nearby, the things which you want will not be seen clearly. So keep an eye that if you want to achieve a goal, concentrate on the unwanted things which you are focusing, that will waste off your time. Set a structure for the things you want in life and work on concentrating in those things.

5.Never ever say

This is an important step to be followed, seriously ! Don’t say any excuses that because of laziness, i didn’t do this work. Lot of people say that, i can’t able to do this because i’m lazy. So, by next time, don’t tell any excuse regarding laziness. Instead, try to accept you mistake and say like, “by the next time, i will finish my work in time”.

6.Have a checklist


This step is the continuation of step 4. Create a checklist that what you want to finish this week, what you want to finish this month, and what you need to finis within this year likewise. Repeatedly keep an eye on these checklist daily, so that you will feel like, “oh my god, i didn’t finish this work”, then your brain will start functioning to finish that work within the given time. Things will be kept in our subconscious mind, but it will not be available in our conscious mind, so this checklist will be helpful in keeping things to be remembered in our conscious mind.

7. Eat and Sleep

You should eat and sleep in a sufficient time. You can’t run behind your goal, if you don’t have enough food and sleep. If you you think like after finishing this work, we can eat, after finishing this work, we can sleep, this is wrong.You should give sufficient rest to your body and mind to concentrate on your daily works. If you don;t give enough rest to your brain, then it feels like laziness for doing the next work. Food and sleep is a must for our body to work enthusiastically.