Surgical Strike V 2.0: India Drops 1000 KG Bombs on Line of Control Destroys Terrorist Camps

Indian Air Force strikes terror camp across LoC, According to news Sources.

India has carried out surgical strikes on the lines of control after Pulwama attack. Indian Air Force used Mirage 2000 for carrying and dropping 1000 KG bombs across the bomb on terrorist camps.

An ANI report says “India has dropped 1000 KG bomb across border aligning with line of control to destroy terrorist camps. 12 Mirage 2000 jets took part in the action and completed the task.”

Indian government and the army was contemplating a line of action since the deadly attack that killed 44 soldiers. The entire country was in agony and anger and this is a result of the anger growing inside the government and the army.

After the suicidal bombing of Pulwama, the entire country stood together and asked for action across the border. While everyone supported the idea of full-fledged war, Government and Army were busy contemplating ideas that will do maximum damage and have the least casualty on our side.