Positive Talk

  1. 1. We all get tired, stressed out and frustrated from time to time. That’s only natural.

    2. But if you’re going to break through and win, you’re going to have to learn to push yourself.

    3. It’s easy to give in and give up. But now you’ve got to start being more resilient, more determined and more willing to push yourself.

    4. Everything you want is on the other side of pushing yourself. You’ve got to learn to control your emotions and get on with it!

    5. Exercise your will power, by doing the tough stuff. Start being more disciplined in your daily life and start holding yourself to a higher standard.

    6. You won’t develop the mental and spiritual muscles you need by avoiding the tough stuff. You’ve got to exercise your mental muscles and start training your mind to be more resilient and able to handle the pressure, stress and pain that comes with achieving any goal.

  2. 7. Push yourself every day, to do a little more and work a little harder! Do the best that you can and find ways to improve each day!

    8. Don’t fold when things get tough, take a deep breath and jump right back in and see what can achieve and what you can come up with. If you don’t push yourself you will never know what’s truly possible.

    9. You’ve got to be your own coach and train yourself to go harder, go further and get more done. It’s a mindset and it has to be part of who you are and what you value!

    10. You can achieve so much more this year, if you stop protecting yourself and stop preserving your energy. Go out there and push, see what you can actually do and see how far you can go!

    11. Learn to push yourself and you’ll find the energy and inspiration you are looking for once you start going beyond your current limits!

12. a. Think like a gangster.
b. Act like a gentleman.
c. Speak like a businessman.
d. Walk like a lion.
e. Treat everyone like they were your mom.
You’ll be winning at every level of life.

13. The mind is a problem generating machine. It creates a problem where none exists.

14. It keeps you preoccupied with hypothetical problems, never allowing you peace.

15. Be careful of this tendency of the mind. Otherwise your life will be spent worrying about imaginary problems.

16. Mistakes make us human. Failures help us grow. Hope keeps us going. And love is the reason we’re alive. Keep learning, loving, and living.