Life Lessons From Mahabharata

We all have grown up by listening to the stories and each of the lessons learnt holds significant importance even till today. The deep philosophical thoughts and ideas mould individuals into a better person and has indeed an imparted a powerful lesson on art of living. Let us explore 20 important life lessons learnt from the epic tale.

1. Revengeful instinct will only lead to one’s loss

Mahabharata revolves around a significant war, however cannot escape the fact that the major reason behind the prime destruction was revenge. The Karavas were seen losing everything to their blinded desire with an aim to ruin the Pandavas. The war was so critical that it did not spare the children that include the five sons of Draupadi and Abhimanyu.

2.  Stand by only the right thing

While Arjuna was initially hesitant to start a war against his kin, however Krishna reminded him to stand by what is right and abide by his Dharma (duty). Right is right, even if it means going against the family. Thus, Arjuna had to essentially fulfil the responsibility as a warrior of Dharma.

3.   Half knowledge can be extremely harmful

Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu can be seen teaching half knowledge which can essentially have an adverse impact. While Abhimanyu was aware about entering Chakravyuh, there was no way out.

4.   Greed will lead to one’s doom

Yudhishthir can be seen being greedy and leading to one’s own doom. The tale witnesses him losing everything he possesses that includes his wealth and kingdom as well. He was seen gambling away a woman in the pursuit of hubris.

5.  No matter what is the hurdle, never give up

Karana can be the best example of this stance where right from birth. Throughout life, Karana has battled throughout his life and fought discrimination at every single stage, so much so that he even became a puppet in the hands of fate. However, obstacle could not obstruct him from achieving the goals.

6. Pride comes before the fall

It is quite a known thing, however had been learnt initially from the tale of Mahabharata. He has taught us how desires can further lead to Adharma. Wrong greed gave way to incorporating wrong methods.

7. Kindness has a bigger virtue compared to anything else

Karna was known for his generous nature and was referred to as ‘Daanveer’. The son of God had natural armour and he has taught us the value of kindness. He believed that we always have something to give and share.

8. We need to think before speaking

Draupadi was seen taunting Karna and speaking out harsh words out to Duryodhan. Historians usually argue that it were these harsh words that led to Duryodhan swearing revenge on the Pandavas. The harsh words soon led to a battle, hence it is essential to know what to speak and when.

9. Single minded focus can benefit towards attaining bigger goals

When you desire something in life, you need to be equally focused as similar to Arjuna. Only by focusing so strongly, can you achieve bigger goals in life.

10.   Righteousness is priority

Righteousness should be a priority and needs to come before love. This can be proved with an insight to Gandhari, who denied blessing his sons before the war and she knew they were wrong.

11.   Bad company can ruin everything

Shakuni mama is hated by all and due to prominent reasons. By destroying everything that Kauravas owned, he further influenced them to be negative. It was his company that led to the war.

12.   True friends and love can help you win it all

While the Pandavas had Lord Krishna, the Kauravas on the other hand had Karna. Both of these powerful souls backed the parties, irrespective of every hurdle.

13.   You need to fight for what is yours

The Pandavas never really stopped fighting for what they thought was right and what essentially belonged to them. The courage and determination is admirable and inspirational.

14.   Being excessively emotional can be harmful

Dritirashtra’s love was blind for his son and he remained confused between the principles he believed in and to keep his son contented. This further turned his son to being more evil and leading to worse consequences.

15.   Learning is a lifelong experience

Arjun grasped everything that came his way. From learning military science to learning divine weapons, he learnt it all. He believed in learning throughout life and is essentially a powerful lesson.

16.   Enemies can be counted as friends at times

Although Kauravas were in large numbers, however the supporters were not in their favour. On the other hand, the supporters rather secretary admired Pandavas. This proves that enemies too can be friends sometimes and not necessarily hate you.

17.   Passion can drive you to glory

Arjun was the greatest archer in the entire world; however Eklavya was better than him. He grasped everything that was taught by hiding behind the trees as a result of being driven by passion. This passion leads to being better at archery than Arjun.

18.   A good strategy will take you to places

If Pandavas did not have Krishna and the master plan, the victory would not have been theirs. By having a good strategy and a plan in hand, we can reach greater heights in life.

19.   Women need to be valued equally as men

Although Draupadi was humiliated time and again and violated, but she was bold enough to face the situation with utmost courage and bravery. She stood strong throughout all kinds of lashing and ensured that justice was served to her. Women are not passive, rather fiery and should be on a fight for her.

20.   Gambling leads to one’s doom

Gambling leads to destruction that was very well witnessed in the epic tale. Duryodhana’s uncle called Yudhisthir to indulge in gambling, however, luck did not favour him and he was defeated in every game. As a result, he lost everything he owned, including brothers, wealth and even his wife, Draupadi.