Learning from Stories

2 stories:
1. Yahoo refused Google
2. 2. Nokia refused Android
1. Update yourself with time, else you will become obsolete
2. 2. Taking no risk is the biggest risk. Take risks and adopt new technologies.
2 more stories:
1. Google acquired YouTube and Android
2. 2. Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp
1. Become so powerful that your enemies become your allies
2. 2. Grow fast, become big, and then eliminate competition
2 more stories:
1. Barack Obama was a ice cream seller
2. 2. Elon Musk was a worker in a lumber mill
1. Don’t judge people based on their past jobs
2. 2. Your present doesn’t decide your future, your courage and hard work does
2 more stories:
1. Colonel Sanders created KFC at the age of 65
2. 2. Jack Ma who was rejected by KFC founded Alibaba
1. Age is just a number – you can be successful at any age
2. 2. Never ever give up in life – only those who never give up win
2 final stories:
1. Owner of Ferrari insulted a tractor maker
2. 2. The tractor maker created Lamborghini
1. Never underestimate or disrespect anyone
2. 2. Success is the best revenge
You can be successful at any age and from any background.

Dream big. Set goals. Work hard.

Never ever give up in life.

Your time will come!