How to handle with Rude People?

How to handle with Rude People?
  • Don’t lose your patience (first you should control on your anger).
  • Don’t take it personally. (take it easy)
  • Don’t expect from his or her rude behaviour to change.
  • Evaluate the situation.
  • Use a selective positive response instead of argument.
  • Understand why the person is rude? Then address those reasons. 
  • Ask the person how can help you? (If posible help him/her release his/her.)
  • Elevate your authority with the person.
  • Maintain your dignity.
  • Raise your consciousness where you cannot be affected.
  • Connect with people who can help you?
  • Think about the times when you were rude to others.
  • The less respond to rude peoples is more peaceful and happy life.
  • Be a kind with rude people.
One last but not least: silence is best reply to follish.