About Karnataka government employee HRMS.

In Karnataka many of my government employee friend’s in conversions I always listen most common word HRMS (Human Resource Management System). Then with curiosity wanted to know more about HRMS Software, A few points I notice facts about HRMS which you may know or may not but feel to share with all.
·        Karnataka is the First State in the Country to have implemented the total HRMS.

·        HRMS is designed & developed by TCS (TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES).HRMS takes care from Recruit to Retirementof employees.
·        The HRSM in the Government environment is a very complex system involving many rules and procedures.
·        The Government of Karnataka has started implementing HRMS during March 2005 with the World Bank Assistance. Project was implemented in phased manner starting from January 2007, covering few districts at each phase. Complete HRMS was rolled out during February 2008.
·        The HRMS helps in to create an exhaustive and accurate database of Government employees for effective administration and improving productivity and efficiency.
·        The Project is helping the DDOs to generate the pay bill electronically. Easy implementation of any of the Government policy related to salary or service because of the centralized system.
·        The system will helps the management in getting various MIS reports in decision making viz. the list of employees getting the annual increments in any given month, number of employees retiring in any month of the year, budget planning and controlling etc.
·        The project is having various modules like: Employee basic details, Annual Property returns, Qualification details, Nominee details, Leave details, annual performance, Family and dependent details, Employee service details, Award details, Home town details, Departmental Exams, Training details etc.
With below Objects of HRMS
       To create and maintain a database of all Government employees. 
       To get a consistent and unified picture of the employee data for HOD.
       To Digitize Service Registers of all employees.
       To improve the productivity and efficiency of Government. 
       Incorporation of computation rules across the state in unified manner.
       Error free generation of timely pay bill and electronic transfer of pay bill to treasury.
       Accurate and timely maintenance of service records to facilitate HODs for taking effective management decisions. 
       Generation of Annexure B of Budget Estimation (salary estimates).
       Generation of MIS reports for timely decision making for senior government officials.
       It is Web based application, 24/7 availability.
       All category of officers/employees and different pay scales like State, Central, AIS, UGC, AICTE, Judicial are drawing salary from a centralized single platform.
       Maintains HRMS database for 550,000+ employees spread across 30 districts and 176 Taluka of State of Karnataka.
       It is an integrated system to capture the Service particulars of an employee from day one of the service till the end of the service.
       Depending on the service information, generate the monthly salary bill of employees by the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDOs).
·        This system also helps to generate arrears bills due for an employee, (viz. DA, Increment, Promotion etc. automatically)
·        Extended to Grant in Aid Institutions (80,000) and Few Boards and corporations.