1)*Apprehensive** (adjective) (भयभीत): appri-hen-civ
Meaning – worried that something bad may happen; afraid
Synonyms – anxious, alarmed, worried, concerned
Antonyms – confident,assured,optimistic
Example – The apprehensive parents kept their children indoors as neighbourhood crime increased.

2)**Attune** (verb) (लय में करना): at-une
Meaning – to customize or modify something to be more receptive or capable
Synonyms – accustom, adjust, adapt, acclimatize, assimilate
Antonyms – disarrange, disagree, refuse
Example – You can attune yourself to any future situation by participating in them more often, as practice at anything will inevitably make you better at it.

3)**Augment** (verb) (बढ़ाना): awg-ment
Meaning – to increase the size or amount of something
Synonyms – increase, add to, supplement, enlarge, expand, extend
Antonyms – abate, decrease, diminish, downsize, lessen, lower, minify, reduce
Example – Reading regularly will augment your vocabulary skills.

4)**Strive** (verb) (प्रयास): es-trive
Meaning – to struggle or try something very hard
Synonyms – try, assay, attempt, endeavour,seek
Antonyms – drop, give up, quit
Example – Even though she was the best swimmer on the team, she continued to strive to improve her swim times.

5)**Underscore** (verb) (बल देना): under-es-core
Meaning – to highlight, call attention to
Synonyms – stress, accent, emphasize, underline
Antonyms – de-emphasize ,understate
Example – The speaker showed the students pictures of car crashes to underscore the danger of driving under the influence.

6)**Imposition** (noun) (आरोपण): im-posi-shun
Meaning – an unreasonable and burdening demand or request
Synonyms – load, onus, encumbrance, strain, demand, pressure
Example – Everyone knew it would be an imposition to require all students to have test on Saturday in such short notice.

7)**Map** (verb) (ख़ाका बनाना): map
Meaning -to find the position of something/to discover or give information about something
Synonyms – trace out, delineate, survey.
Antonyms – distort, disfigure, mangle
Example -Scientists have succeeded in mapping the human genome.

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8)**Come on stream** (phrase)(प्रभावी होना)
Meaning – to start to work or be effective/in or into operation or existence
Synonyms – available, accessible, connected, possible
Antonyms – impossible, unavailable
Example – More jobs are coming on stream as the economy is booming.

9)**Scale up** (phrasal verb) (वृद्धि, विस्तार)
Meaning – to make something larger in size, amount etc than it used to be
Synonyms – increase, expand, extend, blow up, enlarge, lengthen
Antonyms -scale down, decrease
Example -Due to the large demand for the product, we need to scale up our production