Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

1.CONVENTIONAL(ADJECTIVE): (पारंपरिक): normal
Synonyms: standard, regular
Antonyms: original
Example Sentence:
A conventional morality had dictated behaviour.

2. COMMIT (VERB): (समर्पित होना):  devout
Synonyms: devoted, loyal
Antonyms: apathetic
Example Sentence:
We are committed to the fundamental principles of democracy.

3. COUNTER (VERB): (विरोध करना):  parry
Synonyms: answer, contradict
Antonyms: support
Example Sentence:
The possibility of the enemy being able to counter with similar missiles was remote.

4. ERSTWHILE (ADJECTIVE): (भूतपूर्व):  former
Synonyms: old, past
Antonyms: present
Example Sentence:
The erstwhile president of the company died recently.

5. UNRELENTING (ADJECTIVE): (निरंतर):  continual
Synonyms: constant, continuous
Antonyms: intermittent
Example Sentence:
Everyone for him was an unrelenting opponent.

6. CONTENT (ADJECTIVE): (संतुष्ट):  contented
Synonyms: satisfied, pleased
Antonyms: discontented
Example Sentence:
He seemed more content, less bitter.

7. CLAMOUR (NOUN): (कोलाहल):  din
Synonyms: racket, uproar
Antonyms: silence
Example Sentence:
The questions rose to a clamour.

8. PERFUNCTORY (ADJECTIVE): (असावधान):  cursory
Synonyms: desultory, quick
Antonyms: careful
Example Sentence:
He gave a perfunctory nod.

9. DISTRESS (NOUN): (संकट):  anguish
Synonyms: suffering, pain
Antonyms: happiness
Example Sentence:
To his distress he saw that she was trembling

10. SENSELESS (ADJECTIVE): (बेहोश):  pointless
Synonyms: futile, hopeless
Antonyms: sensible
Example Sentence:
It was as senseless as crossing Death Valley on foot.