Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): (हमला):  attack
Synonyms: assault, onset
Antonyms: defense, repulsion
Example Sentence:
The onslaught was unleashed on the day that G8 world leaders met at Gleneagles.

2. PROXIMITY (NOUN): (निकटता):  closeness
Synonyms: nearness, presence
Antonyms: distance
Example Sentence:
His close proximity sent her heart racing.

3. APATHY (NOUN): (उदासीनता):  indifference
Synonyms: unconcern, passivity
Antonyms: enthusiasm, interest
Example Sentence:
Widespread apathy among students was hard to witness.

4. CONVALESCE (VERB): (अच्छा हो जाना): recover
Synonyms: recuperate, get well
Antonyms: deteriorate
Example Sentence:
He spent eight months convalescing after the stroke.

5. SPURT (NOUN): (उछाल): spray
Synonyms: squirt, spout
Antonyms: contain
Example Sentence:
A brief spurt of tears gushed into her eyes.

6. DECREE (NOUN): (हुक्मनामा):  order
Synonyms: edict command
Antonyms: hint, suggestion
Example Sentence:
The decree guaranteed freedom of assembly.

7. EXTRANEOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अप्रासंगिक): immaterial
Synonyms: irrelevant, beside the point
Antonyms: material
Example Sentence:
One is obliged to wade through many pages of extraneous material.

8.UNCONSTITUTIONAL(ADJECTIVE): (असंवैधानिक): illegitimate
Synonyms: illegal, unauthorized
Antonyms: legal
Example Sentence:
We cannot tolerate unconstitutional action

9. VERNACULAR (NOUN): (मातृभाषा):  colloquial speech
Synonyms: jargon, dialect
Antonyms: latin
Example Sentence:
He wrote in the vernacular to reach a larger audience.

10.DISHEARTENING(ADJECTIVE): (बेहद निराशाजनक): saddening
Synonyms: disheartening, dispiriting
Antonyms: encouraging, cheering
Example Sentence:
The team made a disappointing star