Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

1. DISINGENUOUS(ADJECTIVE): (कपटी): deceitful
Synonyms: unfair, dishonest
Antonyms: frank, truthful
Example Sentence:
The politicians now a days are becoming disingenuous.

2. ODIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (घिनौना):  extremely unpleasant
Synonyms: disgusting, horrid
Antonyms: attractive, delightful
Example Sentence:
The police had resolved a mystery behind an odious crime.

3. CONFISCATE (VERB): (ज़ब्त करना):  seize 
Synonyms: appropriate, impound
Antonyms: free, release
Example Sentence:
They confiscated mobile phones propaganda material.

4. YORE (NOUN): (बीता हुआ समय):  time gone by
Synonyms: history, antiquity 
Antonyms: future, present
Example Sentence:
In the days of yore, the Internet did not exist.

5. VAGUE (ADJECTIVE): (अस्पष्ट):  not definite or clear
Synonyms: ambiguous, dubious
Antonyms: apparent, certain
Example Sentence:
He rolled his eyes at the vague response.

6. MULISHNESS (NOUN): (हठ):  Doggedness
Synonyms: obstinacy, bullheadedness 
Antonyms: irresolution, dubiety
Example Sentence:
He is buying everything by showing his heights of mulishness.

7. OSTRACIZE (VERB): (बहिष्कार करना):  banish
Synonyms: expel, exclude 
Antonyms: accept, embrace
Example Sentence:
Nalini was declared a witch and ostracized by the villagers. 

8. PODGY (ADJECTIVE): (मोटा):  slightly fat
Synonyms: chunky, flabby 
Antonyms: lean, skinny
Example Sentence:
When I stopped jogging, I became podgy.

9. QUIXOTIC (ADJECTIVE): (विलक्षण):  idealistic
Synonyms: impractical, dreamy
Antonyms: realistic, sensible
Example Sentence:
It was clearly a quixotic case against the defendant.

10. PULSATE (VERB): (काँपना):  Quaver
Synonyms: tremble, quiver 
Antonyms: steady, be still
Example Sentence:
The meek bird was pulsating in the refractory wind.