Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

1. DIFFUSE (ADJECTIVE): (तितर-बितर):  verbose
Synonyms: wordy, prolix
Antonyms: succinct
Example Sentence:
The second argument between us was more diffuse.

2. DISSENT (NOUN): (मतभेद):  disagreement
Synonyms: difference of opinion, argument
Antonyms: agreement
Example Sentence:
There was no dissent from this view.

3. INQUISITIVE (ADJECTIVE): (जिज्ञासु):  curious
Synonyms: intrigued, interested
Antonyms: uninterested
Example Sentence:
I do not like to seem inquisitive to anyone.

4.DISINTERESTED(ADJECTIVE): (निष्पक्ष): unbiased
Synonyms: unprejudiced, impartial
Antonyms: biased
Example Sentence:
A banker is under an obligation to give disinterested advice.

5. MODERATE (ADJECTIVE): (मध्यम):  average
Synonyms: modest, medium
Antonyms: great
Example Sentence:
Both of us walked at a moderate pace only.

6. STEEP (ADJECTIVE): (आकस्मिक):  sharp
Synonyms: sudden, precipitate
Antonyms: gradual
Example Sentence:
The steep rise in unemployment.

7. SLUMP (VERB): (गिरना): flop
Synonyms: flump, collapse
Antonyms: stand up
Example Sentence:
She slumped against the cushions.

8. KEEN (ADJECTIVE): (उत्साही):  eager
Synonyms: anxious, impatient
Antonyms: apathetic
Example Sentence:
My friend is a keen gardener.

9. INDIGENOUS (ADJECTIVE): (स्वदेशी): native
Synonyms: aboriginal, local
Antonyms: expatriate
Example Sentence:
We met indigenous people of Siberia.

10. GARNER (VERB): (संचित करना):  gather
Synonyms: collect, accumulate
Antonyms: disperse
Example Sentence:
The police struggled to garner sufficient evidence.