Tips to become good writer

Want to become good writer?
Yes, You can.
Writting is an art and anybody can become good writer by practice. Followings are few tips that can helps you to become a good writer.
* READ WIDELY AND DEEPLY: All good writers are readers and by reading you can get the information, ideas, writing skills. If you feel you don’t have time for reading, make time for it.
* WRITE ALL THE TIME: no matter where you are. Write yourself out of creative blocks. Write even if it’s complete dustbin product. Just write don’t stop writing. Practice makes you perfect.
* WRITE WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE: Not what others expect you to write. Don’t let people’s opinions shape your first draft. Critique is for later.
* COLLECT YOUR INSPIRATIONS: Recognize what about these things lights a fire in you. Hold them close to you.
* KEEP A JOURNAL: It doesn’t have to be about you all the time. Just write in a journal every day; relish the feeling of pen on paper or now days there so many smart device are available use them according to your need. It can set you free.
* TAKE A WALK: Enjoy nature, the city, or just your neighbourhoods. Go out to clear your head or to fill it up again.
* THINK ON HARSH CRITIQUES, better yourself and your writing with them, but do not worry over them. Be positive, no matter what.
* PERFECTION IS IMPOSSIBLE. In Don’t strive for it. Don’t strive for greatness or fame either. Just write.
Want to become then Never give up keep practicing one day you become a good writer…
All the Best for your writing journey.