Stars Program

* STARS stands for Strengthening Teaching-Learning and Results for States Program (STARS).
* It is a project to improve the quality and governance of school education in six Indian states.
* Six states are- Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Rajasthan.
* Some 250 million students (between the age of 6 and 17) in 1.5 million schools, and over 10 million teachers will benefit from the program.
 # Reform initiatives under the project include:

* Focusing more directly on the delivery of education services at the state, district and sub district levelsby providing customized local-level solutions towards school improvement.
* Addressing demands from stakeholders, especially parents, for greater accountability and inclusion by producing better data to assess the quality of learning; giving special attention to students from vulnerable section.
* Equipping teachers to manage this transformation by recognizing that teachers are central to achieving better learning outcomes.
* Investing more in developing India‚Äôs human capital needs by strengthening foundational learning for children in classes 1 to 3 and preparing them with the cognitive, socio-behavioural and language skills to meet future labour market needs.