Scientific Instruments – Part 1

Sl. No.DescriptionInstrument Name
1.An instrument used in aircrafts for measuring altitudes is called?Altimeter
2.An instrument used to measure the strength of an electric current is called?Ammeter
3.An instrument to measure the speed, direction and pressure of the wind is called?Anemometer
4.An intrument used to measure difference in hearing is called?Audiometer
5.An instrument to measure atmospheric pressure and conditions is called?Barometer
6.An intrument used to measure potential difference between two points is called?Voltmeter
7.An optical instrument used for magnified view of distant objects is called?Binoculars
8.An instrument used to measure the diameters of wire, tube or rod is called?Callipers
9.An instrument used to measure quantities of Heat is called?Calorimeter
10.An apparatus used for charging air with petrol vapours in an internal combustion engine is called?Carburettor
11.An apparatus used for projecting pictures on the screen is called?Cinematograph
12.An appratus used for accelerating charged particles is called?Cyclotron
13.Data processing machine used to perform large and complex calculation based on the user input is called?Computer
14.An instrument used for measuring the temperature of the human body is called?Thermometer
15.A device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called?Dynamo
16.An instrument used for measuring electrical potential differences is called?Electrometer
17.An instrument used for detecting the presence of electric charge is called?Electroscope
18.An instrument used for measuring Electric Current is called?Galvanometer
19.An instrument used for measuring depth of the ocean is called?Fathometer
20.An instrument used for relative density of liquids is called?Hydrometer