Projects that have saved thousands of lives

  1. Reusing hotel soap to save lives
    Diarrheal diseases kill approximately 1.8 million people per year. Globally, approximately 2.5 billion cases of diarrhea occur among children under 5 years old every year.
    “Clean the World” is a non-profit organization from Orlando, Florida that recycles used hotel soap that might have been thrown away. They collect soap from millions of hotel rooms daily, send them to their recycling-plants and turn them into new soap bars to distribute to families, schools, and organizations who don’t have access to basic sanitation and experience hygiene-related illnesses.
  2. Intelehealth
    Developed at Johns Hopkins University, Intelehealth is a telemedicine platform that connects FHWs with remote doctors to deliver primary care services at a distance in countries such as India. The FHW is guided by a digital assistant to provide evidence-based health services.For conditions which are beyond the capacity of the FHW+digital assistant, she can connect with a virtual doctor over telemedicine.
    “Through a digital assistant+telemedicine we ensure that the right medical expertise is made available, even when the expert can’t physically be present.”

3) Flare
Flare provides next generation 911 for billions around the world who do not have access to help during an emergency.
“We utilize today’s latest technology to coordinate ambulances on a digital map (like Uber) and offer an innovative membership product ( to ensure everyone has access. “
“Prior to Flare, it would take an average of 3-hours to get an ambulance in Kenya, our launch country. Since launching, we have reduced response times by 87% and saved over 2,500 lives.”
Access to 911-like services is important outside of COVID-19 pandemic, but is particularly important now.

4) Desolenator
Desolenator’s solar-powered water purification systems help remote communities produce clean drinking water, without the need for filters, chemicals or external energy sources. This helps them build water resilience in the face of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Inspired by nature, Desolenator replicates the water cycle by harnessing solar energy in a new way. After years of R&D, our team of engineers, alongside some of the world’s leading water experts, have designed the next chapter in water innovation. Solar purification, evolved.”