One Word Substitutions

1.Outlaw- A person has lost protection of law
2. Forgery- Falsification of documents
3. Expiate- To make atonement for one’s sins
4. Vendetta- Committing murder in revenge
5. Brittle- The thing can be easily broken
6. Entomologists- Experts who scientifically study insects
7. Hypocrite- One who pretends to be what he is not
8. Manuscript- A paper/story/poem first written out by hand
9. Mint- A place where money is coined
10. Respiration- The process by means of which plants and animals breath
11. Cynic- One who sneers at the aims and belief of his fellow men
12. Patrimony- Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors
13. Effeminate- A person who is womanish in his habits
14. Proselyte- One who is converted form one religion to another
15. Boutique- A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics
16. Interlude- Interval between two events
17. Idiosyncrasy- A person’s peculiar habit
18. Procrastination- The Art of delaying
19. Ophthalmologist- A doctor who specializes in the diseases of the eyes
20. Glutton- A person who eats too much
21. Isthmus- A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of land
22. Predator- A animal which lives by preying on other animals
23. Oligarchy- Government of rule by a small group of people
24. Plagiarist- One who copies from other writers
25. Palpable- Thing that can be felt or touched