◼ Full form :- National Institution for Transforming India.

🔹Planing commission Replaced by NITI AYOG
🔹Non constitution body
🔹Formed on — 1 jan 2015
🔹 HQ — New Delhi
🔹Also known as think tank

🔹Chairman — PM Narendra Modi
🔹Vice chairman — Rajiv Kumar
🔹CEO — Amitabh Kant

🎯Recent news related to NITI AYOG 🎯
◼AIM’s, NITI Aayog & NIC jointly launches “CollabCAD”
◼NITI Aayog to organize North East SDG Conclave 2020 in Assam
◼NITI Aayog launches ‘Surakshit Dada-Dadi & Nana-Nani Abhiyan