Mineral Wealth of India

India is rich in mineral resources. It possesses large reserves of iron ore and mica, extensive deposit of coal, sizeable quantity of mineral oil reserves and rich deposits of bauxite. Mineral resources of India are very unevenly distributed. Names of some important minerals and the States where they are largely found are given below-

Distribution of Mineral Wealth in India

Metallic MineralsStates
Antimony(1) Punjab, (2) Karnataka
Bauxite(1) Odisha, (2) Bihar, (3) Madhya Pradesh
Chromite(1) Odisha, (2) Maharashtra
Coal(1) Jharkhand, (2) West Bengal
Copper(1) Jharkhand, (2) Madhya Pradesh
Gold(1) Karnataka, (2) Andhra Pradesh
Iron(1) Odisha, (2) Madhya Pradesh, (3) Andhra Pradesh
Lead(1) Rajasthan, (2) Andhra Pradesh
Lignite(1) Tamil Nadu, (2) Gujarat
Manganese(1) Odisha, (2) Madhya Pradesh
Nickel(1) Odisha
Natural Gas(1) Assam, (2) Gujarat, (3) Maharashtra
Petroleum(1) Assam, (2) Gujarat
Silver(1) Rajasthan, (2) Bihar, (3) Karnataka
Tin(1) Jharkhand
Tungsten(1) Rajasthan, (2) West Bengal
Non-Metallic MineralsStates
Asbestos(1) Andhra Pradesh, (2) Bihar
Barytes(1) Andhra Pradesh, (2) Maharashtra
Calcite(1) Rajasthan, (2) Gujarat
China Clay (Kaolin)(1) Rajasthan, (2) West Bengal
Corundum(1) Karnataka, (2) Maharashtra
Diamond(1) Madhya Pradesh, (2) Andhra Pradesh
Dolomite(1) Madhya Pradesh, (2) Odisha
Felspar(1) Rajasthan, (2) Tamil Nadu
Fire clay(1) Bihar, (2) Gujarat
Fluorite(1) Gujarat, (2) Rajasthan
Graphite(1) Odisha, (2) Rajasthan
Gypsum(1) Rajasthan, (2) Andhra Pradesh
Kyanite(1) Bihar, (2) Maharashtra
Limestone(1) Andhra Pradesh, (2) Madhya Pradesh
Magnetite(1) Tamil Nadu, (2) Uttar Pradesh
Marble(1) Rajasthan
Mica(1) Jharkhand, (2) Rajasthan
Pyrites(1) Bihar
Sulphur(1) Tamil Nadu
Quartz(1) Odisha, (2) Bihar
Silica Sand(1) Uttar Pradesh, (2) Gujarat