List of Dams and Reservoirs in India

A dam is a barrier that impounds water or underground streams. Reservoirs created by dams not only suppress floods but also provide water for activities such as irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability.

List of  Dams in India : 

StateNameRiver Name
TelanganaNizam Sagar DamManjira River
Andhra PradeshSomasila DamPennar River
Andhra PradeshSrisailam DamKrishna River
TelanganaSingur damManjira River
GujaratUkai DamTapti River
GujaratDharoi DamSabarmati River
GujaratKadana damMahi River
GujaratDantiwada DamBanas River
Himachal PradeshPandoh DamBeas River
Himachal Pradesh and Punjab BorderBhakra Nangal DamSutlej River
Himachal PradeshNathpa Jhakri DamSatluj River
Himachal PradeshChamera DamRavi River
Jammu and KashmirBaglihar DamChenab River
Jammu and KashmirDumkhar Hydroelectric DamIndus River
Jammu and KashmirUri Hydroelectric DamJhelum River
JharkhandMaithon DamBarakar River
JharkhandChandil DamSwarnarekha River
JharkhandPanchet DamDamodar River
KarnatakaTunga Bhadra DamTungabhadra River
KarnatakaLinganamakki damSharavathi River
KarnatakaKadra DamKalinadi River
KarnatakaAlamatti DamKrishna River
KarnatakaSupa DamKalinadi or Kali river
KarnatakaKrishna Raja Sagara DamKaveri River
KarnatakaHarangi DamHarangi River
KarnatakaNarayanpur DamKrishna River
KarnatakaKodasalli DamKali River
KeralaMalampuzha DamMalampuzha River
KeralaPeechi DamManali River
KeralaIdukki DamPeriyar River
KeralaKundala DamKundala Lake
KeralaParambikulam DamParambikulam River
KeralaWalayar DamWalayar River
KeralaMullaperiyar DamPeriyar River
KeralaNeyyar DamNeyyar River
Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh BorderRajghat DamBetwa River
Madhya PradeshBarna DamBarna River
Madhya PradeshBargi DamNarmada River
Madhya PradeshBansagar DamSone River
Madhya PradeshGandhi Sagar DamChambal River
MaharashtraYeldari DamPurna river
MaharashtraUjani DamBhima River
MaharashtraPawna DamMaval River
MaharashtraMulshi DamMula River
MaharashtraKoyna DamKoyna River
MaharashtraJayakwadi DamGodavari River
MaharashtraBhatsa DamBhatsa river
MaharashtraWilson DamPravara River
MaharashtraTansa DamTansa river
MaharashtraPanshet DamAmbi River
MaharashtraMula DamMula river
MaharashtraKolkewadi DamVashishti River
MaharashtraGirna DamGirana river
MaharashtraVaitarna DamVaitarna river
TelanganaRadhanagari DamBhogawati River
TelanganaLower Manair DamManair River
TelanganaMid Manair DamManair River and SRSP Flood Flow Canal
TelanganaUpper Manair DamManair River and Kudlair River
MaharashtraKhadakwasla DamMutha River
MaharashtraGangapur DamGodavari river
Andhra Pradesh and Odisha BorderJalaput DamMachkund River
OdishaIndravati DamIndravati River
OdishaHirakud DamMahanadi River
Tamil NaduVaigai DamVaigai River
Tamil NaduPerunchani DamParalayar River
Tamil NaduMettur DamKaveri River
Uttar PradeshGovind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam also Rihand damRihand River
UttarakhandTehri DamBhagirathi River
UttarakhandDhauli Ganga DamDhauli Ganga River

List of Reservoir in India : 
A reservoir  is a storage space for fluids. These fluids may be water, hydrocarbons or gas. A reservoir usually means an enlarged natural or artificial lake, storage pond or impoundment created using a dam or lock to store water.  

StateReserviorRiver Name
TelanganaDindi ReservoirKrishna River
TelanganaLower Manair ReservoirManair River
Andhra PradeshTatipudi Reservoir ProjectGosthani River
Andhra PradeshGandipalem ReservoirManneru River
TelanganaHimayat Sagar ReservoirOsman Sagar
TelanganaShriram Sagar ReservoirGodavari River
Himachal PradeshGobind Sagar ReservoirSutlej River
Himachal PradeshMaharana Pratap Sagar ReservoirPong Dam Lake
KarnatakaGhataprabha ReservoirGhataprabha River
KarnatakaHemavathi ReservoirHemavati River
Madhya PradeshTawa ReservoirTawa River
OdishaBalimela ReservoirSileru River
Tamil NaduAliyar ReservoirAliyar River
Tamil NaduChittar ReservoirChittar River
Tamil NaduKrishnagiri ReservoirThenpennai River
Tamil NaduManimuthar ReservoirTamirabarani River
Tamil NaduPechiparai ReservoirKodayar River
Tamil NaduShoolagiri Chinnar ReservoirChinnar River
Tamil NaduThunakadavu ReservoirThunacadavu River
Tamil NaduVarattu Pallam Reservoir 
Tamil NaduVidur Reservoir 
Tamil NaduAmaravathi ReservoirAmaravathi River
Tamil NaduGundar ReservoirBerijam Lake
Tamil NaduKullursandai ReservoirArjuna Nadi
Tamil NaduPambar ReservoirPambar River
Tamil NaduPeriyar ReservoirPeriyar River
Tamil NaduStanley ReservoirKaveri River
Tamil NaduUppar Reservoir 
Tamil NaduVattamalaikarai Odai ReservoirOdai River
Tamil NaduWillingdon ReservoirPeriya Odai River
Tamil NaduBhavanisagar ReservoirBhavani River
Tamil NaduKodaganar ReservoirKodagananar River
Tamil NaduManimukthanadhi Reservoir 
Tamil NaduParambikulam ReservoirParambikulam River
Tamil NaduSholayar Reservoir 
Tamil NaduThirumurthi ReservoirParmabikulam and Aliyar River
Tamil NaduVaradamanadhi Reservoir 
Tamil NaduVembakottai ReservoirVaippar River
Tamil NaduManjalar Reservoir 
Jammu and KashmirSalal ProjectChenab River
Jammu and KashmirChutak Hydroelectric Project 
Madhya PradeshIndirasagar ProjectNarmada River
Madhya PradeshNarmada Dam ProjectNarmada River
Uttar PradeshRihand ProjectRihand River and Son River