Indian Dams

1.How Many Dams are There in India

 There are Total 3200 Dams in India Include major /medium dams

2.Which is the First Dam in India

 Kallanai Dam is the first dam in India Water Running across the Kaveri river in Tiruchirappalli District and THANJAVUR District of the state Tamil Nadu

3.Which state has Highest Dams in India?:-

Maharashtra has the Highest Number of dams with a total of 2354 dams, including 2069 completed and 285 under construction

4.Which is the Highest Dam in India

– The Tehri Dam is The Highest Dam in India. It is located in the state of Uttarakhand.

5.Which is the oldest dam in Karnataka – Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam is The Oldest Dam in Karnataka