How to translate text in Excel

In some situations we need to translate text in excel from English to some other language. Here we are going to tell how to do it in simple method.

First go to google drive and login with your username and password and then click on New-Google Sheets-Blank Spreadsheet as shown in image 1

Untitled Blank Spreadsheet opens as shown in image 2

Image 2

Go to File – Open then new window open then select upload and click on Select a file from your device and then select proper excel file and upload to spreadsheet.

Image 3

After uploading file it looks like below image

image 4

Then go to Add-ons and select Get Add-ons and search for Omni Translator and install it and it looks as shown in image 5

Image 5

Now go to Add-ons and select Omni Translator and click on Translate then new window appears as shown in image 6

image 6

In Omni Translator window, select source language (English) and Destination language (we selected Kannada) and also specify whether you want translate Entire Sheet or Selected Range and click on Translate then it will translate in your desired language and it looks as shown in image 7.

image 7