How to get the Vehicle Information by Vehicle Number?

Vehicle Identification SMS System

On the face of it, this may appear to be helpful data that could come in handy during road accidents and rash driving cases, before purchasing a second-hand vehicle or for law enforcement and investigation purposes. But making such information so easily available will jeopardise the privacy of individuals, especially that of women.
Any vehicle on the road, if you want to know the name of the owner, it is very simple. Just type VAHAN space Vehicle No and send to 7738299899 

Note: It will charged be according to Your tariff.
You get return message (SMS) with following details. 
– Registration number
– Registration date
– Owner name
– Father’s name
– Colour of the vehicle
– Year of manufacture
– Type of owner (government, trust, individual etc.)
– Type of fuel used
– Registration type
– Class of vehicle
It will be easy to complain on vehicles who do not follow traffic rules, and Commit Road Accidents.