Highest Mountains of the World

Highest mountainMt Everest* (Nepal) 8,848 m
Highest mountain in AfricaMt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) 5895m
Highest mountain in AustraliaMt Kosciuszko 2234 m
Highest mountain in EuropeMt Elbrus (Russia) 5642 m
Highest mountain in North AmericaMt Denali** (Alaska, USA) 6187m
Highest mountain in South AmericaMt Aconcagua (Argentina) 7021m
Highest mountain in AntarcticaMt Vinson Massif
Highest mountain in Oceania (Australia and New Guinea)Puncak Jaya (Mount Carstensz) 4884m
*Mt. Everest named after Sir George Everest, Surveyor General of India is known as Chomolungma in Tibet and Sagarmatha in Nepal.
**Mt Denali was earlier known as Mt McKinley and was renamed in 2015.
Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano in Hawaii is over 10,000 m tall from its base to peak (taller than Mt. Everest) but most of it lies under the ocean and is only 4,205 m above sea level.

Eight Thousanders – Mountains above 8000m in height

NameLocationHeightFirst Scaled
Mt EverestNepal8,848 m1953
Mt K2 or Godwin AustinKarkoram, POK8,611 m1954
KanchenjungaSikkim, India8,586 m1955
LhotseNepal/China8,516 m1956
MakaluNepal/China8,485 m1955
Cho OyuNepal/China8,201 m1954
DhaulagiriNepal8,167 m1960
ManasluNepal8,163 m1956
Nanga ParbatKarkoram, POK8,126 m1953
AnnapurnaNepal8,091 m1950
Note: There are 14 eight-thousanders in the world and all of them are located in the Himalayan and Karkoram ranges of Asia