Google Launched The new website testing tool –

Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products.

Google recently Launched The new website testing tool. 
It is simple tool for anyone to use – you don’t have to be technical. 
This new testing tool is instead targeting the business owners themselves, who may not have known about these tools’ existence, or didn’t understand their output.
Your content is amazing but your site architecture, load speed, and responsiveness are bad. Then you fail. The majority of the time you don’t know the problem. 
This tool helps to business owners conclude how well their website performs on the mobile web, including on both smartphones and tablets.
So it is important that first you know the problem. Once you find out the problem, the next step is to find solutions. You can test your site through various paid & available tools in web place.
You just type in your website address, and then the tool will score your site. 
It will also offer a more detailed report that makes suggestions on things that you need to fix, which you could pass on to whomever maintaining your website, if not yourself.
Google today already offers a number of testing tools for websites, including PageSpeed Tools, PageSpeed Insights, and it’s Mobile-Friendly Test, which is focused on the site’s design. However, most of its earlier tools are aimed at developers, site designers and other more technical users.
Click here to open the tool
It is amazing tool go the get verify how your website is good.