attic / noun
An attic is a room just below a house’s roof.
Ex: There were two windows in their attic.

chunk / noun
A chunk is a thick, solid piece of something.
Ex:When they broke open the rock, they saw it was filled with chunks of gold.

civic / adj.
If something is civic, then it is related to a town or city, especially its government.
Ex: Most of the important civic buildings are located downtown.

descent / noun
A descent is a movement downwards.
Ex: During the space shuttle’s descent, the Earth became larger and larger.

din / noun
A din is loud, unpleasant, and extended noise.
Ex: The din of the rusty machinery made the factory a horrible place to work.

dissatisfy / verb
To dissatisfy someone means to fail to please them.
Ex: He was dissatisfied with his meal.

fuss / noun
A fuss is excited or annoyed behavior that is not useful in any way.
Ex: The child made an awful fuss because she didn’t want to go to bed.

gourmet / adj.
If food is gourmet, then it is nicer and more expensive than regular food.
Ex: In order to get a gourmet meal, you have to eat at an expensive restaurant.

hence / adv.
If something happens hence, then it happens as a result of something.
Ex: John forgot the key. Hence, we couldn’t open the door.

intrinsic / adj.
If something is intrinsic, then it is related to the basic nature of that thing.
Ex: Paper money has no intrinsic value. It is useful simply because society says it is.