✍🏻grin / verb
To grin means to smile broadly.
👉🏻Ex: That joke makes me grin every time I hear it.

✍🏻housekeeping / noun
Housekeeping is the maintenance of a house or an establishment like a hotel.
👉🏻Ex: Housekeeping is not much fun, but it has to be done.

✍🏻mound / noun
A mound of something is a large pile of it.
👉🏻Ex: There was a mound of clothes on the messy teenager’s floor.

✍🏻numb / adj.
When a body part is numb, it does not have any feeling.
👉🏻Ex: After holding my hand under the icy water, my fingers went numb.

✍🏻reckless / adj.
When people are reckless, they act in an unsafe way.
👉🏻Ex: The reckless driver posed a threat to everyone else on the road.

✍🏻slate / noun
Slate is a dark grey rock that can easily be split into layers.
👉🏻Ex: The roof of the church was made of slate.

✍🏻stool / noun
A stool is a seat with legs but no support for a person’s arms and back.
👉🏻Ex: I don’t find stools very comfortable to sit on.

✍🏻testament / noun
A testament to something shows that it exists or is true.
👉🏻Ex: The beautiful performance was a testament to the singer’s natural talents.

✍🏻timber / noun
Timber is wood that is used for building houses and making furniture.
👉🏻Ex: Trees in this area are grown specifically to be used for timber.

✍🏻valve / noun
A valve is a device attached to a pipe that controls the flow of liquid or air.
👉🏻Ex: The mechanic removed the dirt to clear the engine valve.