An Important message to all parents of school going childrens

It is an appeal or request to All parents of school going children’s.
1. Switch off TV by 8:00pm, there is nothing much important in TV after 8:00. (than your child)
2. Spare 30-45 minutes to check your child’s school dairy and make him complete his homework.
3. Check Daily their performance in subjects and take care of the subject which they are not doing well.
4. Their basic education is pillar for their future.
5. Build a habit in them to wake up early morning at least by 5.30 train them to practice meditation.
6. If you attend any parties or social functions and if you enjoy it for late nights with your children. Then let your child relax on a next day (take some excuse school) or if you want want them to go school on next day then come to home by at least 10:00pm.
7. Build a habit in your child to plant trees and nurturing them.
8. Tell your children stories like Panchatantra, Shivani Maharaj, Akbar birbal, Tenali Rama, inspirational stories. at bed time.
9. On every year summer holidays plan a trip according to your budget (this improves their adaptability to different people & places).
10. Discover the talent in your child and help him to explore more in it (it may be interest in any subject, music, sports, acting, drawing, dancing, etc.) it will make their life beautiful.
11. Teach him not to use plastic (at least hot things in plastic)
12. Every Sunday try to make a dish which they are interested and ask them to help in preparing it (they will enjoy)
13. Every child is a scientist by birth, they have lots of questions we may not answer but we should not show our anger on them out of our ignorance ( try to find the answers and tell them)
14. Teach them discipline and better way of living (scold them and punish them on any wrong doing).
15. Don’t just judge a school for admission as best school (a corporate school, or school where pass %age is high, or your colleagues, your neighbours, or friends suggested, or it is govt school, or it is a low budget school). The best school is which best suits your budget, you need to spend more for your child’s education in future hence you need to save some money today, support your family today, meet your present liabilities. So plan accordingly.
16. Teach them a habit of reading and learning by themselves.
17. Ask your child to help you in your works it may be cooking, cleaning arranging things etc)
Here it is not discussed anything impossible, nothing discussed to build a society or a nation.
We need to help our kids to make their lives beautiful and healthy based on our past experience.
Because The most beautiful gift on this earth is NATURE and our CHILDREN.
Childerns are the future of our country