​​Why Should You Look For The TFM Value Of Your Soap?

With umpteen number of soap bars flooding the market, choosing the right soap can become a confusing task. This is where TFM or Total Fatty Matter comes into play.
The TFM quantity describes the quality of a soap. It adds moisturizing properties to the product, leaving your skin deeply-cleansed, yet soft and supple. This is because the fillers are fewer in number and the deep-cleansing content is higher.
You must look for the TFM content in a toilet soap based on your skin type. Talk to your dermatologist about how much TFM content is good to be used on your skin. The higher the TFM, the more its moisturizing properties. However, toilet soaps with high TFM quantity can sometimes dry up your skin, if their pH levels are too high.
It is mandatory for toilet soaps to have their TFM content specified as part of their ingredient list.