Satellites Programme In India

For the past four decades, ISRO has launched 70 satellites for various scientific and technological applications like mobile communications, Direct-to-Home services, meteorological observations, telemedicine, tele-education, disaster warning, radio networking, search and rescue operations, remote sensing and scientific studies of the space.

ISRO has established two major space systems, the Indian National Satellite System (INSAT) series for communication, television broadcasting and meteorological services which is Geo-Stationary Satellites, and Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS) system for resources monitoring and management which is Earth Observation Satellites. ISRO has launched many Experimental Satellites which are generally small comparing to INSAT or IRS, Space Missions to explore the space and Navigation Satellite to provide accurate position information service to users. The following types of satellites are the part of ISRO’s space programme:

  • Geo-Stationary Satellites
  • Earth Observing Satellites
  • Navigation Satellites
  • Experimental / Small Satellite