One Word Substitution Beginning with (N)and (O)

ūüĒį N ūüĒį

‚óŹNAUSEA : Strong feeling of wanting to vomit.

‚óŹNAIVE: Having a very simple nature.

‚óŹNARCOTICS: An addictive drug.

‚óŹNATURALISM: Attachment to what is natural

‚óŹNEOGAMIST : Newly married.

‚óŹNAUTICAL : Of sailors, ships or sailing.

‚óŹNEMESIS : Downfall that satisfies natural justice.

‚óŹNEOLOGISM : A new word.

‚óŹNEPOTISM : Undue favour shown by a person in power to his relatives.

‚óŹNICHE : A hollow place in wall

‚óŹNOTARY : A public official who makes written statements official.

‚óŹNOTORIOUS : Having a bad reputation.

‚óŹNUANCE : Very slight differences.

‚óŹNUMISMATICS : One who collects coins.

‚óŹNURSERY : A place where plants are grown and kept.

ūüĒį O ūüĒį

‚óŹOCTAGON: A plane figure with eight sides and angle

‚óŹOBSCURANTIST: Person who is opposed to enlightment.

‚óŹOBSEQUIES : Funeral rites.

‚óŹOBSOLETE: That which is no longer in use.

‚óŹOBITUARY : Notice of a person‚Äôs death in a newspaper.

‚óŹOBLIGATORY : That which is required to be done by law.

‚óŹOBSOLETE : That which is out of use, or replaced by a newer model.

‚óŹOLIGARCHY : A government by a small group of powerful persons

‚óŹOMNIFORM: Having every form of shape.

‚óŹOMNIGENOUS : Comprising all kinds.

‚óŹOMNIFORM: Having every form and shape.

‚óŹOMNIPOTENT : One who is all powerful.

‚óŹOMNISCIENT : One who knows everything.

‚óŹOMNIVOROUS : One who eats anything.

‚óŹOPAQUE : That which cannot be seen through.

‚óŹOPTIMIST : A person who looks to the bright side of things.

‚óŹORATOR : A good speaker.

‚óŹORCHARD : A fruit garden

‚óŹORPHAN : A child whose parents are dead.

‚óŹOPTHALMOLOGIST : An eye-doctor.

‚óŹOPTOMETRIST : A technician who measures your eyesight.

‚óŹORCHARD : A place where fruit trees are grown

‚óŹOPTIMIST : One who looks on the bright side of things.

‚óŹOMNISCIENT : One who knows everything

‚óŹOMNIPRESENT : One who is present everywhere

‚óŹOCULIST : One who attends to the diseases of the eye

‚óŹORNITHOLOGY : The study of birds

‚óŹOBITUARY : An account, in the newspaper, of the funeral of one deceased

‚óŹOVIPAROUS : Bearing eggs and not young ones..

‚óŹOSTLER : One who attends to horses at an inn

‚óŹOPTICIAN : One who makes or sells eye-glasses

‚óŹOOLOGY : The study of eggs

‚óŹOCCIDENTAL : Belonging to the west

‚óŹOSTRACIZE : Expel from society