Interesting companies in plant based food market

Plant-based food products are a booming industry. Food and beverage manufacturers ranging from startups to leading companies are innovating rapidly in this market. The shift towards plant-based diets has been predominantly driven by increasing incidences of intolerance for animal protein, growing urbanization with new consumer aspirations, increasing vegan population, and significant venture investments in plant-based product manufacturers. However, some of the meat substitutes have comparatively higher price range, significant preference for animal-based products, and consumer preference for soy and gluten free products hinders the growth of market to some extent.

Dicos (
In China, a fast-food chain called Dicos is embracing plant-based ingredients in a very different fashion to restaurants in America.
At a fast-food restaurant like Burger King, for example, a plant-based burger is sold as an alternative to the animal version, but ultimately, customers can choose between the two options. But if you go to Dicos and order their breakfast sandwich, for instance, it will automatically come with a plant-based egg.
The restaurant chain, which has about 500 locations in China, is the first major fast-food company to outright replace items on the menu that were made with animal products with a plant-based version, rather than selling it side-by-side with the “real thing.”

Impossible Foods (
Impossible Foods became famous in the culinary world for its faux meat burger patties that feel and taste like the real thing. Now the food company is focusing on replacing another popular animal-sourced product: cow milk.
Yes, alternatives to cow milk already exist in the form of soy milk or nut-based milk, but what Impossible Foods is aiming to do is produce plant-based milk that is designed to function, behave, and taste just like the animal-derived cow’s milk.
Recently, a researcher showed samples of Impossible Milk side by side with other plant-based milk like almond milk and soy milk, to show that the Impossible Milk looks much more like cow milk than the others.
If you’re vegan but have never been satisfied with plant-based milk alternatives, the development of Impossible Milk must be exciting news.

Amy’s Kitchen (
Amy’s Kitchen is engaged in producing and marketing natural and organic convenience and frozen foods. The company’s product portfolio mainly segmented into entrées, bowls, burritos & wraps, pizza, pasta, soups, snacks, pot pies, veggie burgers, veggie meats, chili, beans, pasta sauce, salsa, candy, and others. The company distributes its specialty foods globally through supermarkets, natural food and grocery stores, warehouse clubs, colleges, and online.