Free Accounting & Billing Software for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

As per directions of GST Council, GSTN has partnered with some Billing and Accounting software vendors for providing free software to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, with annual turnover under Rs 1.5 Cr, in a financial year. This facility is made available to the active Normal taxpayers, SEZ Developers/SEZ Units and taxpayers who have opted for composition scheme under the GST regime.

There are some products to choose from. These are available as a cloud based version as well as a downloadable version that installs on desktop or laptop. This software allows a taxpayer to run his daily business by providing day to day billing and accounting features, along with facility for return filing for their GST related compliances.

Some of the free features being made available by all the vendors are Sale/ Purchase/ Cash ledger, Inventory management, Supplier/ Customer Masters, Generation of Invoices, Preparation of GST Returns etc.

The software would be available free of cost to eligible taxpayers till 31.03.2021 or till the taxpayer’s annual turnover remains under Rs 1.5 Cr in a financial year, after which the taxpayers may have to pay a fee to the vendor.

For using features other than free features listed or using the software beyond the initial free period, the taxpayer may visit respective vendor product site to ascertain fee payable, if any.

How to download the accounting and billing software on the GST Portal?

The taxpayer need to login to the GST Portal with valid credentials and navigate to Downloads > Accounting and Billing Software option.

The user manual and FAQs for the same and vendors providing software can be viewed: and you can select any one suitable for you.

It may be noted that all queries/questions need to be taken up with the software vendors and NOT with GST Helpdesk.

The GST Council had decided in its 32nd meeting of 10th Jan 2019 to provide an easy to use accounting and billing utility to small tax payers whose annual turnover is INR 1.5 Crores. This utility has now been provided via the GST System Portal. This software can help your business to create bills, invoices, manage your inventory, create your account statements, balance sheet, GST Returns and has many other features. These features can be viewed on the GST portal ( in the “Downloads” section.

You currently have a choice of 6 products to choose from. These are available as a cloud based version as well as a downloadable, that installs on your desktop or laptop. You may choose any, depending on your preference.

Steps to download:

1. Login to the GST Portal using your login / password credentials.

2. Go to the “Downloads” menu and select the “Accounting and Billing Software” option.

3. You will need to declare that your turnover is < INR 1.5 Crores, after which you will be shown a choice of these 6 software’s.

4. The important aspects of the 6 software’s are shown in a table which will help you to make a decision and choose your software.

5. Click on the link against your preferred software.

6. You will then be redirected to the product site and further steps on its use will be provided by the product companies.

It may be noted that the basic features offered are not to be paid for use of the basic version. The User Manual/FAQ etc. will be available on the website of respective software provider.

All queries/questions need to be taken up with them and NOT with GST Helpdesk.

We wish you a happy experience!

Disclaimer: GSTN makes no representations or warranty whatsoever about the Account & Billing Software. When you access the software, please understand that it is independent from GSTN, and that GSTN has no control over that Software. GSTN does not endorse or accepts any responsibility the use/misuse by such Software. GSTN is not collecting taxpayers’ data through the Software in any manner. Please read the terms and conditions of the Software properly before proceeding forward.