Idioms & Phrases

(1) Heart bleed- Feel genuine sympathy for someone
(2) Send shivers down the spine-make someone feel angry
(3) Wry face- Disappointed look
(4) With open arms- With happiness
(5) Give up the ghost- To die
(6) Under the rose- Secretely
(7) Under a cloud- To be under suspicion
(8) Turn over a new leaf- To change for the better
(9) Throw a spanner- To sabotage a plan
(10) Seamy side of life- Immoral side of society
(11) Take up arms- To fight
(12) Up and doing- Active
(13) Yeoman’s service- Excellent work
(14) Argued eyed- careful, observant
(15) Back stairs influence- By unfair means
(16) By the rule of thumb- According to practical experience
(17) With high hand- Very strictly
(18)Clip the wings- To weaken the power
(19) Come home to- To understand
(20) Take lying down- Accept insult