Interesting Facts About Kannada Film Industry



The Kannada film industry has pioneered in the making of experimental cinema even in the yesteryears, with some movies coming out as unusual, while some surreal. The brains behind such movies have worked across a span of several decades churning out some of the most twisted yet enjoyable movies of the generation. The motto behind such movies is not difficult to track down, the reason mainly being the inspiration for artistic expression that breaks all norms that bind a movie to be portrayed in a certain way. Such experiments have always elicited the interest of the audience for the uniqueness they contained and the curiosity they brought along. Here are some first of their kind movies which were experimented; some gained huge popularity while some attracted extreme criticism. Have a look for yourselves:

1. First Talkie Movie in Kannada – Sati Sulochana was the first Kannada talkie film to be released in 1934. It also gains the credit to be the first film to be screened in the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom.

2. First Kannada Movie to Run for a Year – Dr Rajkumar’s Bedara Kannappa was the first Kannada movie to run for 365 days in 1954 and also received a letter of appreciation from the Central Govt.

3. First Horror Movie in Kannada – Jaganmohini (1951), directed by D Shankar Singh became the first horror movie to be shot in Kannada. This movie has later been dubbed and remade into several other languages.

4. First Kannada Movie to Show the Leading Lady in a Swim Suit – Miss Leelavathi (1965), starring Jayanthi, was the first Kannada movie to show the leading lady in a swim suit. It dealt with a liberal outlook on female sexuality with respect to the cultural mores of that time and won the National Award for the second best feature film.

5. First Anthology Movie in Kannada – A collection of interconnected stories under one main story can be called an anthology. Such an adaptation was done as early as in 1965 by Puttanna Kanagal in the movie ‘Katha Sangama’, that contained 3 stories.

6. First Detective Movie in Kannada – Goadalli CID 999 (1968) was the first detective thriller in Kannada made by Dorai-Bhagawan.

7. First Colour Movie in Kannada – Amarashilpi Jakkanachari, in 1964, was the first Kannada movie to be released in Color starring Kalyan Kumar, with immense contribution from cinematographer BS Ranga.

8. First Kannada movie to be Based on a Novel – Karuneye Kutumbada Kannu (1962) was the first Kannada movie to be adapted out of a novel.

9. First Bond Type Movie in Kannada – Jedara Bale (1968) was the first Bond type movie in Kannada made by B Dorairaj that portrayed Dr Rajkumar in the lines of James Bond, with the sets and gadgets all bearing similarity to its Hollywood counterparts.

10. First Tarzan Type Movie in Kannada – Kadina Rahasya (1969) was the first Tarzan type movie in Kannada starring Yashraj and Sudarshan, directed by Geethapriya.

11. First Cinemascope Movie in Kannada – Sose Thanda Soubhagya (1977) was the first Kannada movie to be released in Cinemascope, starring Dr Vishnuvardhan and Manjula.

12. First Woman Filmmaker of Kannada Cinema – Prema Karanth was the first woman director of Kannada cinema, and Phaniyamma (1983) was the first Kannada movie to be directed by a woman director.

13. First 70mm movie of Kannada – Sharavegada Saradara (1989) was the first Kannada movie to be released in 70mm, which starred Kumar Bangarappa, son of late politician Bangarappa.

14. First movie to be made in 24 hours – September 8, directed by Dr Richard Castellino, was a Tulu movie, made in Karnataka in only a span of 24 hours.

15. First Kannada Movie to Sport only one Actor – Shanthi, directed by Baraguru Ramachandrappa, starring Bhavana, was the first Kannada movie to have only one actor throughout the movie and also won the Guinness recognition.

16. Youngest Director in the World – Master Kishan, who directed the movie Care of Footpath, entered the Guinness Book as the Youngest Movie Director in the World at age 9.

17. First Kannada Movie to be Shot Abroad – Dwarakish’s Singapuradalli Raja Kulla was the first Kannada movie to be shot overseas.

18. First Kannada Movie to Win President’s Gold Medal – Samskara, directed by Pattabhirama Reddy was the first Kannada movie to win the President’s Gold Medal Award.

19. First Kannada movie to use HD camera – Magic Ajji, starring Khushboo, was the first Kannada movie to be shot in a High Definition Camera.

20. First Olfaction System in Kannada – Olfaction system gives a sense of smell while watching the movie. Gunna was the first Kannada movie to use this technology.

21. Ghatashraaddha is the only Kannada film to have made into the list of World’s 100 Best Movies.