What is a blog and how to create blog using blogger?

Have you ever heard about blogs? Do you know what blogs are? Okay then here we are trying to cover basics about the blog.
Consider a Blog is a personal diary that is shared online; you could talk about your daily life or share things you do or you can share the things you know; which may help to others. Okay anyway in simple term, it is an opportunity to share any information in a new way.
What is a Blog?
A blog is a website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with recent ‘post’ (or entry) appearing first (at the top of the main page) and to the older ‘posts’ entries towards the bottom.
It is a stage/application/suite/platform where an author or even a group of authors can share their views on an individual subject.
How to create blog using blogger?
You can create a unique and beautiful blog. It is easy and free and you can share your passions globally on your way.       
·        open www.blogger.comthen you will get below screen.
·        Click on “CREATE YOUR BLOG” button   
·        Login with Google account credentials (you must have Gmail account to create blog).
·        Give the suitable title to your blog

Choose the perfect design: a beautiful blog that fits your style. Choose from a theme selection area, all with flexible layouts and hundreds of background images – or design something new.  
·        Then Click On “Create blog!” button.
After completion the above simple steps now your blog is ready share your posts / ideas / knowledge to world.
All the best