How to transfer old blogger post into new blogger.

Some reason some time we come across to transfer the one blogger post into another blogger in that case following are the steps:

  • Login to old blogger (login user must be admin privileges of the blog).
  • Click on “Settings” then click on “other” option.
  • Click on “Backup Content“. then it will open one child window.

  • After the above step it generate one XML file & it ask you save the file on your local machine then click on “Save to Computer” button. blog-currentdate.xml (e.g. blog-dd-mm-yyyy.xml).
  • Then go to new blogger (on which you want to import it).
  • Click on “Settings” and select “Other” option.

  • Click on “Import Content” button. after click then below window open. 

  • Select the “Import from computer” button. then ask the .xml file (which was exported earlier with using “Backup content“).

After completion the above steps, it import posts & comments.