Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL)

CCIL was set up in April 2001 by Banks, Financial Institutions and Primary Dealers, to function as an industry service organization to provide guaranteed clearing and settlement functions for transactions in Money, G-Secs, Foreign Exchange and Derivative markets.

The BASEL Committee

It is a committee of bank supervisors consisting of members from each of G-10 countries. This committee is a forum for discussion on the handling of specific supervisory problems in banking. It co-ordinates the sharing of supervisory responsibilities among national authorities in respect of bank’s foreign establishments with the aim of ensuring effective supervision of banks activities worldwide.

eSign services from eMudhra

  • eMudhra Ltd is a leading certifying firm in the country for digital signatures, has launched eSign services.
  • eMudhra has also launched e-Mlocker – eMudhra digital locker, which is one of the key initiatives under digital India programme- by using eMlocker along with eSign, one can store documents like PAN Card, Aadhaar Cards, electricity bills or any other documents electronically. One can also sign and attest them using eSign and can send to anybody.

What is e-Sign?

  • e-Sign is an online electronic signature service which can facilitate Aadhaar holder to digitally sign documents within seconds.
  • The signatures generated by e-Sign are legally valid and secured under the Information Technology Act 2000. As part of Digital India Vision. Prime Minister launched eSign services in the country on July 1, 2015.

eMudhra Relying Parties

eMudhra certificates can be used and relied in any online and offline applications. The organization or individual using such application is termed as Relying Party. The application can be an online application hosted on web servers, or offline desktop application or third party application like adobe PDF reader, etc. All such applications are expected to make necessary CRL/ OCSP check, in addition to validating the trust chain, the expiry and the subject details of the certificate.